This website is only a test site used by APPI.

The data used here are based on a copy of the actual site on 3 August 2018.

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Welcome to APPI

APPI is an Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors and will Change your life!

Paragliding with APPI instructors in APPI schools will allow you to transform your life

learning to fly with safety and fun.


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A multitude of Paragliding courses are available with APPI.

Whether its your first Paragliding experience, you wish to improve your skills,

or want to become a Paragliding professional, you will find the right course

in the APPI Education System.


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APPI instructors are certified according to high standards.

They will provide you with an excellent teaching using the latest pedagogic methods

to insure you make an easy and safe progression.


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Safety is an essential aspect of Paragliding.

APPI instructors are trained to control the risk with specific APPI procedures,

and to teach to their students the safe pilot's attitude.


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APPI supports you flying for fun, beauty, and as a way of living.

You will find APPI schools in the most exotic destinations that will fulfill your dreams.

Join a worldwide community of Paragliding enthusiastics!


APPI has


affiliated schools worldwide

APPI has members in more than



APPI is made up of a large network of schools around the world
APPI network
Start a training at an APPI school, and progress to another school in another country, it's as simple as.
APPI online logbook exam
The manual is on the web page, and you take the theoretical exam online wherever you are.
Recent News
Nov 1, 2018
Do not use APPI in school name

To APPI school managers: all schools registered on the website by APPI instructors are all APPI schools. Using the term "APPI school" when recording the name of the school, can lead to confusion about the role of the school in the APPI system.
Under these conditions, it was decided by the APPI board to ban the use of the term "APPI school xxxx", and put in place the real name of the school.

Nov 1, 2018
For 20 cards ordered, free express mail

We offer instructors the possibility of sending their students’ cards to them by express international carrier (with tracking number) without incurring additional costs if they can group a minimum of 15 APPI certification cards.

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