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Temple Pilots Paragliding School

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Registered on 01 Jul 2010

Lake Paradise Row House No. 39 Old Mumbai - Pune Highway Opp. CRPF HQ's, Talegaon, Dabhade Pune, India

+91 9970053359 , +91 9823384654

Amarjit(Avi) Malik 10135

Open from january until december

Basic to Advance level Training Courses. SIV/XC to Tandem to Instructor Level Training with APPI Certification & Licensing. Flying Vacations and XC Tours in India and Abroad.


Our team

Amarjit(Avi) Malik (10135)

Amarjit(Avi) Malik

Master instructor

License n°10135

Ex-AirForce fighter pilot, pioneered/founded paragliding in the Mumbai-Pune (Kamshet) region. Training for past 15 years.

Ganpat Newale (10586)

Ganpat Newale

APPI instructor

License n°10586

Sachin Pathare (13579)

Sachin Pathare

Assistant instructor

License n°13579

School events

6 October
20 October

Thermalling/XC Course Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

Bir, Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India
Tour de Himalayas 2018 - blue skies, big thermals, magical mountains, stunning scenery, epic flights n friends to share it all with. I call it the tour for Ascension and Expansion.
Open to both experienced pilots looking to go further and first timers who wish to open the doorway to Himalayan flying.

No. of participants - 06 pilots only for the Thermalling/XC Course
No. of participants - 06 pilots only for the Discover Himalayas Course for Low airtime Pilots

Course Duration - 4 Days + 2 extra days for familiarisation flights n bad weather.
Eligibility for Thermalling/XC course: Club Pilot Rating, Min. Flying Hrs experience of 20 Hrs, SIV or Progression Course. Pilots should not need any assistance for launching, landing n dealing with collapses.
Equipment/Instruments - Certified glider, Safety Parachute (packed freshly), Radio and a variometer
Clothing- Flight suit or appropriate warm clothing and flying gloves
All pilots on the Tour must have a Flying License and Insurance cover
Food/Stay/Site Transportation - TP will assist you, pilots can share rooms and pay at actuals on cost sharing basis

Discover Himalayas Batch 1 -
6th Oct to 8th Oct

Discover Himalayas Batch 2 -
9th to 11th Oct

Thermalling XC Batch 1 -
12th to 15th Oct

Thermalling XC Batch 2 -
17th to 20th Oct

Please call +91 9820277975 & write to to help us plan your trip.
12 August
25 August
Advance Coastal Clinic, Bali, Indonesia : The Course will include the following -
1. Cliff Launching Techniques
2. Coastal Soaring Techniques
3. Top Landing Skill Development
4. Ground Handling & Kiting Skill Development
5. Safe Flying under Supervision
6. Briefing & Debriefing Sessions

Please write to or for Costs and Details
24 October
1 November


Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India


SIV Safety Clinic is designed to make you comfortable in the sky with your glider and confident in your ability to control your glider in demanding situations. SIV gives you better understanding, better instincts and freer mind to enjoy your flying and to go further in your game. this is your gateway to those stunning long epic XC flights.

Acro Action - Acro is about pure glider control in its roll, pitch & yaw and enjoying the dynamic movements that give you the thrills like nothing else can. Acro is about learning the basics well and then practice, practice & more practice. As much as you enjoy doing Acro, equally cool it looks from the ground.

Get those Wings and GoPros out, it’s time to play like never before....

Eligibility - 10 Hrs Airtime

SIV Batch 1 - 24th Oct to 27th Oct
SIV Batch 2 - 29th Oct to 1st Nov

Location - Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh
Accommodation - in a beautiful mountain village with a local family of Balakram that we know very well. It’s an experience in itself. A beautiful 5 minute walk to the take off. Costs on Actuals.
Food - local food made by the women in the family who invite us in their kitchen and serve us hot with their own loving hands. Best home made food ever. Costs on Actuals.
Site Transportation - We hire local jeep there from the locals. Costs on Actuals

1. Basic SIV Course : 3 Days / Cost - Rs.20,000/-
2. Advance SIV Course : 3 Days / Cost - Rs.25,000/-
3. SIV / ACRO Course : 4 Days / Cost - Rs.30,000/-
(18% GST will be applicable on top of the course fees)

Avi is a Qualified APPI SIV Instructor and you will be rewarded APPI SIV PILOT Validation for this Course.

We will tailor make your course to suit your pace, experience level & comfort.


Latitude: 18°46′0"N, Longitude: 73°33′8"E (18.7668,73.5523)