APPI school N°86

Aeroclub Albania

ValidSchool N° 86 Paragliding

Registered on 13 May 2012

Rr. FRANSUA PUKVIL Nd.28, H.19, Njesia bashkiake Nr.1, , 1005 Tirana, Albania,

+355 692075277

Roland Dorozhani 10768

Open from january until december


We have founded the aeroclub school in 2012 as a first paragliding school in Albania. We try to develop in Albania this sport according to international regulations, ethics and both theoretical and practical exercises.


Equipment rental


Buying equpiments (Dealer of Sol Paragliders, BGD design)

Our team

Roland Dorozhani (10768)

Roland Dorozhani

APPI instructor

License n°10768

I was born in Albania in 1972. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Technical University of Tirana. I start flying by myself on April 2001 and continued flying in my country, Albania, until 2005 when I met my instructor Mendo Veljanovski. From that moment I have experienced a big progress, aiming the highest level of this sport. I was part of World Acro Cup 2008 ( Acro Attack event) taking place in Oludeniz, Turkey.
My flights’ number in one year is approximately 150.
During my flying years, I have continuously tried to make this sport more popular in my country and raising it in professional levels as well.
I founded “Aero Club Albania” in 2009 which is the first Paragliding School in Albania.

School events

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Latitude: 41°20′5"N, Longitude: 19°51′12"E (41.3349,19.8536)