APPI school N°7

SkySchool Flight Centre

ValidSchool N° 7 Paragliding Paramotor Paratrike

Registered on 01 Jul 2010

Mere, Wiltshire Mere, United Kingdom

+44 7747097527 , +44 7747097527

Alex Ledger 10133

Open from april until november

SkySchool runs courses in Mere, Wiltshire and Fermo, Italy


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Our team

Alex Ledger (10133)

Alex Ledger

APPI 3 pilot

License n°10133

Managing Director of SkySchool Flight Centre, based in north east Spain, which specialises in teaching Paramotoring, Paragliding and Skydiving.

Zebur Mercan (12178)

Zebur Mercan

APPI 3 pilot

License n°12178

Experienced Paraglider and Paramotor Pilot. Sat an APPI PPG Instructor course in the UK in April 2013.

Raffaele Benetti (14698)

Raffaele Benetti

License n°14698

I’m a paraglider and paramotor pilot. I have started paragliding in 1996 and from that I have collect more than 6000 hours of flight with paramotor, paragliding and hang gliding. I started to teach paramotor 10 years ago, I competed in paramotor champiopnships from 2006, european championship, world championship, british championship, french championship and italian championship, I had a world paramotor speed record in 2009.
I love to travel around the globe with my paramotor, and flying over the nature..

I was instructor for Qatar Army paramotor team and few years ago for singapore Army, in an instruction course in Italy.

Granted an APPI PPG Instructor license via conversion from Qatari Instructor license after a meeting with Alex Ledger in Chamonix on 6th November 2015

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