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ValidSchool N° 50 Paragliding

Registered on 17 Jan 2012

1 rue lalanne , 65260 Soulom, France

+33 615672453

Manu Bonte 10914

Open from january until december


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Manu Bonte (10914)

Manu Bonte

Master instructor

License n°10914

adventure pilot
fly around the world since 1987, europ, south america (peru, bolivia, chile, argentina), balkans...
journalist for paragliding mags, author of "parapente sauvage" a topo guide of 50 beautyfull mountain flights
development engeneer and test pilot for the french brand Nervures in the years 2003-2011

School events

12 May
31 December

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Latitude: 42°57′25"N, Longitude: -0°4′25"E (42.957,-0.073855)