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Fly Nirvana Paragliding School

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Registered on 07 Jan 2012

Golden Glades , Vadivali Lake Village Uksan, Post Karanjgaon , Taluka Maval , 410405 Kamshet , District Pune, India

+91 2226493110 , +91 9821430798

Sanjay M Rao 10767

Open from october until may

Tower Hill

Fly Nirvana Paragliding School was Established in 1997, Nirvana has been in operation in Kamshet ( 2.5 hours from mumbai) since its inception. We have discovered and christened a number sites within a few km of our base suitable for training, learning intermediate skills and advanced flying and have acquired an impressive range of paragliding and adventure equipment to facilitate safe training operations.

Our activities include initiating newcomers into the wonders of paragliding and having fun in the sky, offering people tandem paraglider joyrides, site guiding and infrastructure to pilots traveling with their own equipment, procuring quality equipment for our students and conducting explorations and free flying trips to sites around the area and the world. Our program focus is on having fun and enjoying adventure and the outdoors in a safe sustainable eco friendly manner.

Our main interests are, popularising the sport of paragliding in the country, exploration: discovering and documenting the flying posibilites of the Sahayadri and adjoining ranges so as to popularise the area as a PG destination worldwide and increasing the opportunities to indulge in adventure sport for people in the cities ( Pune, Mumbai and the rest of the country)

We have run Paragliding camps in Srilanka, Bangalore , Bir Billing and Goa and have earned a name as a premier paragliding company in the press and among adventure enthusiasts and clubs across the country and the world. We have trained in excess of 5000 people from all over the the country and the world, as well as played host to the vast and increasing number of visiting paragliding pilots from across the world. We conduct periodic explorations in the Sahayadri a number of interesting sites suitable for world record breaking cross country potential.

Our exploratory efforts, our relationship with the local people and the infrastructure we have created have resulted in putting Kamshet on the world paragliding map, opening up the area to the world paragliding community.


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Our team

Ravindra Shelar (13469)

Ravindra Shelar

APPI instructor

License n°13469

Working as an Instructor with Fly Nirvana Paragliding School since 2003

Sandip Balshinge (13470)

Sandip Balshinge

APPI instructor

License n°13470

Working as an Instructor for Fly Nirvana Paragliding School since 2006

Bandya Shelar (13471)

Bandya Shelar

Pro tandem

License n°13471

Working at Fly Nirvana Paragldiing School as an Instructor Since 2006

Vinod Shelar (13475)

Vinod Shelar

Pro tandem

License n°13475

Working for Fly Nirvana Paragliding School since 2006

Ganesh Shinde (15111)

Ganesh Shinde

Pro tandem

License n°15111

Working with Fly Nirvana Paragliding School as a Tandem Pilot

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Latitude: 18°49′35"N, Longitude: 73°31′1"E (18.8266,73.517)