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ValidSchool N° 35 Paragliding

Registered on 15 Jun 2011

Kra. 5 # 2 - 26, Bloque 2, Apartamento 402 , xxxx La Calera, Colombia

+573124436986 , +573002666973

Erik Sanchez 10694

Open from january until december

Paragliding is a company whose capital is represented in the human resource. Professional knowledge, training and experience involved with the environment and the need to learn to respect and care. We do this through extreme sports and adventure, aimed at responsible use of our natural resources for recreation, recreation and sports, in a healthy and safe

What we do: Our main goal is to open for you the chance to experience new feelings without worrying about anything, with excellent infrastructure and a team of professionals to practice different sports and activities.

Our mission: to socialize and interact with the environment to live responsibly spaces that nature gives us. Compromising with them, breathing them and soak up the spirit. Make available to everyone the opportunity to experience life in a different way, through the practice of different outdoor activities.


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Latitude: 4°43′10"N, Longitude: 73°58′15"W (4.71964,-73.9711)