APPI school N°241

No Borders Paragliding

ValidSchool N° 241 Paragliding Paramotor Paratrike

Registered on 08 Jan 2017

Papastratou 77 str. , 30131 Agrinion, Greece

+30 2641046667 , +30 6973778973

Joachim Skondras 15230

Open from january until december


Our team

Joachim Skondras (15230)

Joachim Skondras

APPI instructor

License n°15230

Greek Champion, Greek league champion, Greek accuracy champion, Greek national team leader , PWC pilot, European and World championships, Open championship. Importer of Mac Para, Triple Seven, Independence, Naviter, Plusmax and many other brands

Stergios Karapoulios (15231)

Stergios Karapoulios

APPI instructor

License n°15231

2002 greek championship

School events

No valid school event now


Latitude: 38°37′49"N, Longitude: 21°24′29"E (38.6303,21.4083)