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Simorgh Aviation Sports Club.Amidi

ValidSchool N° 135 Paragliding Paramotor

Registered on 21 Apr 2013

Address : No 42 Baharestan 19 Alley,Northen Janat Abad Ave , 1478786691 Tehran, Iran

+98 2144872850 , +98 9121440654

Seyed Majid Amidi Namin 11926

Open from january until december


Mr,Hamid Amidi Head Manager of Simorgh Aviation Sports Club.Amidi..
Simorgh Aviation Sports Club with,nearly thirty years of experience in teaching and training students in different fields of Automatic Free fall and skydiving and lots of experience in Paragliding,Paramotoring,was founded with the purpose of development of aviation and to attract the enthusiasts with an experienced team.
With The Accreditation Of The Physical Education Office Tehran Province Open 2007-2014
We did speedriding in Iran for the firts time .
we were the first to have a SIV course in Uromiye.Our school had different championships during years and also the two female tandem pilots,Maede Moghimi , are trained in our school and are the school members.
This aviation school has an exhibition of flying and skydiving instruments and accessories and gears all year long.
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Phone: +98 21 44872850 - +98 21 44818627



All Paragliding , Paramotoring , Skydiving , Speedriding courses including Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced , S I V & ACRO & XC Courses , Tandem , Re-pack rescue chutes Rounded and Rogallo,Clinic S I V & Clinic Thermal & Kite Surfing & Meteorology and in close future Ground School For Privat , Instrument , Commercial Pilot and FOI, BGI, AGI and CFI.
We sell different kinds of Paragliders, Paramotors, Parachutes, Kites,Hang Gliders. Power hang Glider, Airplane ,We are the sale agent of high-end brands such as Paraavis (Russia), Paratech(Switzerland), Ozone (USA),Woody Valley (Italy),Swing (USA) , Airtec(Germany), SkyWatch (Switzerland), Icaro (Italy), ParaSport (Italy), Den Com(Russia),Brauniger (Germany), G6 Power (china), AvaSport (Bulgaria), CorsAir (Italy) and Compact Radial Engine (Canada).
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Latitude: 35°46′37"N, Longitude: 51°18′7"E (35.777,51.302)