1. I want to change the password given by the APPI system.

Click on the “lost password” link below the password box and follow the steps.

2. I have lost my password, how to log in?

Click on the “lost password” link below the password box and follow the steps.

3. I follow the password recovery procedure and I dont receive any email.

  • Check in your spam folder.
  • If there is nothing in your spam folder, contact APPI secretary here.

4. I am a pilot and I want to join APPI!

You must comply with the prerequisites of the certification, see APPI education system (click on the qualification to see the prerequisites).
An APPI instructor will give you a theoretical and a practical exam and certify you according to APPI standards.
See APPI schools worldwide.
Check also on the Equivalence page.

5. Does having an APPI card allow me to operate in any site around the world?

APPI certification is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is performed, unless APPI is recognized by the legal local authority managing free flight. Many countries around the world do not regulate leisure free flight anyways. In the countries where paragliding operations are regulated, check if an agreement exists between local authorities and APPI.

6. Does an APPI card have the same rating like FAI IPPI card?

APPI has an excellent relationship with FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) which is the main authority in the sport. We have been working together on the FAI international standard SAFEPRO 2017 and there is a clear equivalence chart between APPI ratings and FAI IPPI levels (IPPI card).

However FAI only allows APPI to issue their certification in certain countries. The FAI stamp therefore only appears on APPI certification cards for pilots of those countries where FAI permit this.

APPI also provides paragliding qualifications that do not exist in the FAI system : all professional tandem and instructor qualifications, as well as technical certifications like winch technician or control & maintenance expert.

7. Can we join competitions with our APPI license, as with FAI’s IPPI license?

Yes, only if your licence is issued from a country where APPI has the right to issue FAI IPPI safepro levels.

8. How does APPI relate to others Associations/ Federations?

At APPI we are convinced that a strong local federation of pilots in a country is critical for paragliding development, and is key for airspace regulation, national competition, and many other issues.
If we can help any federation or local authority with our experience and training program to build a synergy, we do so enthusiastically. APPI is the official training system in some countries, the number of countries where the APPI certification is recognized is constantly increasing.

9. I am an instructor with many years of experience, what should i do to get my APPI license?

You should attend an APPI seminar for profesionals. Check What is a Pro-workshop and Forthcomming Pro-workshops.

10. What prevents any APPI instructor from going around the world and offering training? Especially country where is not resident?

Nothing! APPI is an international platform for pilots, instructors and schools. APPI encourages pilots and instructors to fly all around the world in respect of all local rules and regulation, and to share their knowledge. APPI do not support any national protectionism.

11. HOW do I SUBSCRIBE to the APPI insurance?

Log in to your APPI account, if you are eligible, the "Subscribe" button appears in your "My account" page

if you are citizen or resident of European union, Switzerland, Turkey, also you are certified at least as APPI 1 open sky pilot status “pending” and the “insurance” button does not appear:
Click on ’Modify my information’ and fill the identification box with your nationality, ID or passport number.

The insurance is available only if you are affiliated (membership paid).

  • If you are not affiliated, The system will remind you to pay insurance plus APPI membership for one year.
  • If you are already APPI affiliated but your remaining affiliation period is less than one year, The system will propose you to pay your insurance for one year, plus the membership prorata to complete your APPI affiliation period until the end of the insurance period (12 months).

12. What do I do in case of accident when I am insured with APPI insurance?

The insured party must declare the loss or claim by email to: appiclaims@saam-assurance.com.
The insurance company must receive notification within 5 days of the accident/ incident.
Check the “insurance” page for more details.