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PULs belong to the "Gliders" category.
Between categories, the order of highest to lowest priority is (refer RAC1 3.3.2): Free Balloons, GLIDERS, Dirigible Balloons, Powered Aircrafts. Ie: The Free Balloons have priority upon any other aircraft, then come the Gliders, Then the Dirigible, ...
Within the "Gliders" category (Sailplanes, Paragliders, hang-gliders, ....), standard flight priorities occur (see here-under).
FFVL wants to highlight that priority is one thing, courtesy and common sense are others. Each of them must be kept in mind.

The following airspaces are NOT ALLOWED to PUL:
- Any Airspace classified A, B, C, D
- Any Prohibited spaces, notified by the letter P on aeronautical maps
- Any Reglemented spaces if Active, notified by the letter R on aeronautical maps
- Any space surrounding controled aerodromes
PUL flight is allowed in E (controlled) and G (uncontrolled) class airspaces but the following restrictions apply:
- No flight without visibility: flying in clouds is dangerous and forbidden
- No flight too close to cloud base, to allow collision avoidance
- No night flight
- No flight above 3450m except in authorised spaces in Alps or Pyrénées.
Pilot has to check for specific or temporary information (NOTAMs).
Please report to site boards and ask local pilots.

APPI flight schools and flight centers

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

misty fly
misty fly 40
le par un, 56870 BADEN
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Mathieu Abrard 10005
misty fly is five stars APPI school with 2 french instructors moving around the world!! we provide almost all the APPI courses from open sky to professional level. contact us for more information, specially where we are!! ;-)
Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent
Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent 18
Zone Artisanale de Perroix, 74290 Annecy / Talloires

David Eyraud 10171
Le bonheur est dans le ciel...! Bienvenue chez Les Passagers du Vent ... Depuis + de 20 ans, + qu'une école, + qu'un magasin... une Passion! Les Passagers du Vent, c'est une expérience unique...! Vols biplace avec nos pilotes pour vous faire découvrir le parapente lors d'un baptême de l'air au dessus du lac d'Annecy. Vols prestige en biplace pour des sensations uniques... Les passagers du vent, (...)
Parapente Planete
Parapente Planete 78
659 route du Pontet, 74300 ARACHES LA FRASSE
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Michel Rudolf 10684
Paragliding School in French north Alps, near Geneve. Basic and advanced courses, tandem flights. Open all year long
Flyinfrog 50
1 rue lalanne, 65260 Soulom
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Manu Bonte 10914
Flyeo 141
57 route de Chevaline, 74210 Doussard
Expeditions Equipment rental Equipment repair
Fabien Blanco 11476
Doussard center
Bruce Goldsmith Instruction
Bruce Goldsmith Instruction 156
11 Allee des Chenes, 06520 Magagnosc
Courses Expeditions Equipment repair
Bruce Goldsmith 13011
Personal instruction by Bruce Goldsmith
Han'Vol 244
maison du Barétous, 64570 Arette
Expeditions Equipment repair
Sylvain Galerant 14481
Ecole de parapente pour les personnes en situation de handicap Centre de formation
François Ragolski
François Ragolski 258
1 rue des cabanons, 04000 Digne les bains
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Francois Ragolski 14659
Loraine Humeau
Loraine Humeau 261
04000 Digne les bains
Expeditions Equipment rental Equipment repair
Loraine Humeau 14660
Go2Fly 274
29 Impasse Pres du Veau, 73110 Rotherens
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Alex Ciuhandu 15891
SIV, Cross, Tandem qualifications, Romanian expeditions
2307 route de Gond Pontouvre 16600 Ruelle sur Touvre, 16600 RUELLE SUR TOUVRE
Expeditions Equipment rental Equipment repair
pascal Vallée 16041
Spécialiste du stage de perfectionnement pilote et instructeur en France et à l'étranger.
Condorito 255
56 rue jean pain, 38600 Fontaine
Equipment rental Equipment repair
Olivier Cotasson 16360
Whether you like to live the experience of a lifetime by flying in tandem, learn how to fly, brush up your paragliding skills with a certified FFVL and APPI instructor, or being toured around the French Alps (North and South), give me a call / drop me a line ! The sky is the limit. Flying still 2001. Instructor since 2014. Based in the heart of the Northern Alps, 30 mn away from Saint (...)
ataka speedriding school
ataka speedriding school 269
1190 rue du cheval blanc le roc rouge, 73500 valfrejus

Frank coupat 17548

Flight sites

Barèges Paragliding
Barèges 65120, 65120 Bareges
Fly in one of the most beautiful valley in Pyrénées, take off from Tourmalet pass and Pic du midi de Bigore. Enjoy your trip in the highest mountains of Pyrénées !!!
Colimacon 800 Paragliding
97436 St Leu
The best site of REUNION ISLAND
Passy, Plaine- Joux Paragliding
74190 Plaine-Joux
A very beautiful flying site in face of the mont Blanc, perfect to learn , also nice for cross country, take of at 1300m of high, you can go up by car. Landing pricipal: Chedde. It's flying a lot of time, eaven when there is stong north wind in the valley of the Rhone, Geneva..(because the range of the Fiz protect (...)
Les Carroz d'Arâches Paragliding
La Kédeuse, 74300 ARACHES LA FRASSE
Good flying site, good soaring possibilities, cross-country flights after 14h from april to september A lot of tandem flights activity in july-august
les Carroz d arraches Paragliding
74300 Les Carroz
Au Sommet des pistes des Carroz d'Arraches, le decollage a 1800m est orienté ouest nord ouest, ideal pour du soaring paisible site peu frequenté, possibilité de monter en telecabine depuis les Carroz d'Arraches( telecabine de la Quedeuse) ou bien demandé a l'école locale parapente planete
Couraduque - Val d'Azun Paragliding
Col de Couraduque, 65400 Aucun
Col de Couraduque Takeoff
Saint Hilaire Paragliding
38660 Saint Hilaire
Come and fly on the iconic flying site of the legendary "coupe icare". East-facing site : Ideal for XC.