APPI Insurance policy v1.0 English

related to the use of gliders for APPI members

APPI Insurance policy v1.0 French

liées à l’utilisation d’Aéronefs des membres APPI

APPI Insurance: Terms and conditions v1.0 French

Note: special conditions predominate

APPI Insurance policy v1.0 Turkish for TURKEY

related to the use of gliders for APPI members

Note: The Turkish speaking contact in our compagny is Nuran Coban +33 1 49641293 –

Fly HAPPY , fly insured!

This is a summary document only. For more info, consult the general and specific conditions and terms of the contract available in documents above.

Flying not only has risks for the pilots, a pilot can also cause damages to a third party.
Imagine you get caught in train cables and the traffic has to be delayed to rescue you, or maybe if you get stuck in a ski lift and all activity is stopped, or stuck in the power-lines causing a city-wide blackout. Maybe you strike an old person walking on the landing field and send them to the hospital, or crash in the roof of a home. Lets hope this never happens, but if unfortunately it does, the bill may be sent to you, and in some cases amounts to pay may be huge and ruin your life. Most insurance policies specifically exclude aerial activities.

For professional activity the risks are even more apparent. As a tandem pilot, any piloting mistake may injure your passenger. As an instructor, a guiding or judgment mistake may have direct consequences on your student’s integrity.

Contracting a third party liability insurance allows you to fly without jeopardizing your future and the one of your family.

Thanks to the quality of the teaching, and the weight of its community, APPI gained the confidence of a major insurance company and is able to offer pilot and instructor liability insurance at a low rate and very good coverage. This type of insurance is rather complicated to obtain due to the potential expensive consequences of a paragliding pilot’s mistake.

A: WHO can contract the insurance?

So far we have already succeeded to cover the full European union as well as Switzerland and Turkey, and our insurance company is working to extend the offer to other countries.
Citizens of the above described area are eligible even when living outside of it.
Also foreign citizens of those countries, resident in the area described above, are eligible.
(example: You are a US citizen, your insurance does not cover you in Europe, you have a trip to Annecy, mention the address you stay (friend, hotel, airb’nb), and you can contract the APPI insurance)
Turkish Citizen or residents, contact SKY SPORTS, tel: +90 2526170511

B: WHERE does the APPI insurance cover you?

APPI members that contracted the insurance are covered for paragliding operating everywhere in the world, except countries under exclusion, and except commercial operations in USA and Canada.

C: DIGEST of the contract

APPI third party liability insurance is very good value:
Coverage is 1.600.000 euros.
Premium depends on the country (details here) but is close to :
- for leisure pilots: only 40€ / year.
- for leisure tandem pilots: only 150€ / year.
- for professional tandem pilots and instructors: only 200€ / year.

 APPI members eligible for insurance are covered for paragliding operating everywhere in the world, except countries under exclusion, and except commercial operations in USA and Canada,
 insurance is valid for 12 month from the moment you buy it (one rolling year),
 medical fees for the third party are 100% covered. Material damage has a 750 euros deductible.

Tandem pilots:
 implicit responsibility of tandem pilot or instructor up to 114.000 euros,
 first aid coverage for passengers 10.000 euros (Search and rescue etc...).

Students are covered by instructors insurance, the students must be registered “in progress” by the instructor in the APPI system. However to cover accidents caused by students where the instructor is not responsible, a one month student liability insurance is available at a cost of 15 euros. It will cover students also if they keep on flying solo with APPI 3 pilot qualification or higher.
It is also recommended students for tandem course (open sky tandem pilot status “pending”) to contract their own insurance, in case they cause an accident where the instructor is not responsible.

APPI Individual accident:

Cost about 50 euros/ year, covers invalidity & death up to 16.000 euros and Search and rescue up to 7500 euros.

D: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE the APPI insurance

Log in to your APPI account; if you are eligible, the "Insurance" button appears in your "My account" page

if you are citizen or resident of European union, Switzerland, Turkey, also you are certified at least as APPI 1 open sky pilot status “pending” and the “insurance” button does not appear:
 click on ’Modify my information’ and fill the identification box with your nationality, ID or passport number.

The insurance is available only if you are affiliated (membership paid).
 If you are not affiliated , The system will remind you to pay insurance plus APPI membership for one year.
 If you are already APPI affiliated but remaining affiliation period is less than one year, The system will propose you to pay your insurance for one year, plus the membership prorata to complete your APPI affiliation period until the end of the insurance period (12 months with the exception of the insurance valid for 1 month).
 If you already have a valid APPI insurance of the same type, your new insurance will start at the end of the previous one, you can renew whenever you want.

Some fees may apply depending of the payment means you use.
Be very careful to select the payment method you use, if bank charges are higher than those paid, the insurance will not be validated!

To print an insurance certificate, click on the button ’APPI member license certificate’ from your APPI account page.

Period covered:
From the date and hour written on the APPI insurance certificate and for 12 months (except the one month insurance for students).
The insurance certificate will be issued when your payment is effective.
Unpaid insurance policies will be removed after a week.

E: What to do in case of accident

The insured party must declare the loss or claim by email to:
The insurance company must receive notification within 5 days of the accident/ incident.
If they fail to declare this loss or claim in due time and form, this may lead to the forfeiture of the procedure.

The declaration must amongst other things, indicate the nature and circumstances of the damage, its presumed or known causes and consequences, the name and address of the pilot, of the affected parties, of the witnesses, and the identification of the aircraft as required.
In the absence of such declaration, except for fortuitous circumstances and circumstances outside one’s control, the insurance company may claim an indemnity proportional to the prejudice caused by this absence of declaration.
At present claims are accepted in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish. If the insured party does not speak one of these languages, please contact local APPI master or local APPI representative to help make declaration.
The insured party that purposely makes false declarations employs willingly false documents and deceitful means will lose all his rights regarding the guaranty and/or indemnities for the said loss or claim.

F: Cost

Student special offer for one month 15 €
Solo pilot for one year 40 €
Non-commercial tandem pilot for one year 150 €
Professional for one year 200 €
Student, Pilot, Non commercial tandem pilot, Professional for one year 50 €
Student special offer for one month 20 €
Student special offer for one month 16.80 €
Solo pilot for one year 44.10 €
Non-commercial tandem pilot for one year 168.00 €
Professional for one year 225.75 €
Student, Pilot, non-commercial tandem pilot, Professional for one year 57.75 €
Student special offer for one month 24.15 €