Here is the APPI Education System flow chart below,
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APPI Paragliding Education system APPI 1 Discover Pilot APPI 2 Explore Pilot APPI 3 Pilot Dynamic soaring Thermalling Winch APPI 4 Intermediate pilot Handi friend Speed ride expert Mini wing Speed-ride SIV Advanced SIV D-bag Acro Cross Country Performance Handifly Tandem Advanced Tandem Group Leader SIV Instructor Acro & D-bag Trainer XC Instructor Sky Guide Speed ride master Handifly master SIV & Acro master Speed Ride Instructor Handifly Instructor APPI 5 Advanced Pilot Conversion to APPI PPG Pilot Non Commercial Tandem Pilot APPI Pro Tandem Pilot Assistant Instructor APPI Instructor Master Instructor Winch operator Winch instructor Pro rescue Packer Control Maintenance Expert Control Maintenance instructor Leisure Pilot Paragliding Professional Professional Technician

APPI Paragliding Education System
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