Your APPI Paragliding Certification Card is proof that you’ve successfully completed your APPI training.

APPI international Your APPI Certification Card has now a validity of one year, because the card contains the FAI-IPPI logo for some countries, and the validity of the IPPI card is only one year, also because the card now contains information about your APPI insurance which is limited to one year.
APPI international The APPI card requires a clear front face photo (no hat, no cap, no helmet or no sunglasses), the card will not be sent without clear Identification ID, you can upload a new picture from your online account page.
APPI international During the first payment of your membership, ordering and payment for a card is also available.
APPI international To receive a new card, you need to click on Buy new APPI card, and pay for.
Please, check and if needed correct your address, city, postal code and country from your APPI account.
APPI international  After payment, verify that the new card is shown ’Pending’, otherwise to receive it you need to click on Send APPI card now for Paragliding.
APPI international Your new card will be sent to the address listed on your APPI account within 45 days, but you or your instructor can ask also to send the card to your current APPI school, or if you work like tandem pilot, assistant instructor or instructor in a school, to this school.
APPI international Beware To receive your card, you must have at least the qualification ’APPI 1 Discover’ validated by your instructor.
APPI international In case one of your qualification is ’Pending’, we recommend that you wait until your instructor validates your new qualification before ordering your new card.
APPI international Beware: To order a card for paragliding do on, to order a card for paramotor do on and to order a card for paratrike do on
APPI international Due to the low price of membership card (8 Euros), the cards are sent by default by simple mail without tracking number. If you want fast shipment with tracking number (dhl, fedex, chronopost...), please contact the secretary. In this case, the cost of transportation depends of the destination, you will be charged accordingly.
APPI international We offer instructors the possibility of sending their students’ cards to them by express international carrier without incurring additional costs if they can group a minimum of 20 APPI certification cards.
For this, when you register a new student, you must choose the option "Send my certification card to : my current APPI school" then you have to notify the secretariat for sending the cards immediately.
We advise to school managers to wait to have at least 20 cards to be sent free of charge by express international carrier with tracking number to your school address.
APPI international It is now possible for those who have received their APPI certification card recently to verify the authenticity of the card, and see the final qualifications obtained using your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code printed on your APPI certification card or your APPI temporary license using your mobile. You will need an Internet connection and an application to read QR Code, which you can find freely on your phone store. We noticed that some certificates and APPI certification cards were falsified, so when in doubt about the authenticity, always check online.
APPI international For any questions about your APPI membership card, please contact APPI customer service.

More infos and difference between APPI card and IPPI card from FAI here.

If I don’t receive my card beware to:

APPI international I have confirmed my account (if not, my status is unconfirmed).
APPI international I have sent an ID photo (in good quality, front head only, sunglasses or photo-gray lenses or hats, caps or helmet are unacceptable).
APPI international I paid my annual APPI membership and cost for the card.
APPI international I Have a valid birth date.
APPI international I have a valid postal address (preferably in Chinese for China and in Persan for Iran).
APPI international I have at least one qualification validated.
APPI international If I have qualifications in multiple activities (Paragliding and PPG for example), the card is not automatically ordered because we don’t know for which activity you want your card. In this case you have to click on the orange button "Send APPI card now for Paragliding" to order your card after payment on for paragliding, on for PPG and on for Paratrike.
APPI international If one of your qualification has the status "Pending", the card is not automatically ordered and postponed until your certification will be validated. In this case you have to click on the orange button "Send APPI card now for Paragliding" once the qualification will be confirmed.